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Water Buffalo Bone Wrist Mala


Water Buffalo Bone Wrist Mala

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Product Description

·       Beautifully handmade Water Buffalo Bone wrist mala.

·       There are 27 beads in total.

·       Each bead is about 1/4 of an inch.

·       It will make a perfect gift for a Buddhist practitioner.


Size             One size fits all, the beads are on an elastic string.

Origin          Nepal     


Tibetan Prayer Beads

Tibetan prayer Beads ("rosary") or Mala are used to count prayer, mantras and prostrations. It helps to center the mind away from distracting thoughts. As each bead is passed through the fingers the practitioner recites his or her personal mantra. The large shaped central bead represents Mount Meru, also known as Mount Kailash. Mala is considered one of the most sacred and treasured tools of a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner. Malas are primarily used to aid with one's personal yidam practice or they are simply used for any number of mantras that may be recited during puja or day to day activity. Mantra recitations are counted in order to complete important aspects of the practice. These recitations have the power to liberate the practitioner and benefit sentient beings in limitless ways. Some practitioners spend their lives accumulating many millions of mantras, because of this they are thought to develop deep insights into genuine reality and gain inner peace. It is also used as a fashion accessory in the Hollywood and among the young adults who wears them in their arms.


Significance of 108 beads

·       Ancient cosmology included 9 planets & 12 constellations. 9 X 12 = 108. Represents totality, the universe.

·       The Sanskrit alphabet has 54 letters, each has 2 aspects: male & female. 54 X 2 = 108. Sanskrit letters correspond to energies of the subtle body, 108 recitations purifies them.

·       After reciting 100 mantras, 8 extra mantras are done to compensate for errors. Six senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and consciousness) multiplied by 3 reactions (positive, negative, or indifference) makes 18 "feelings." Each of these feelings can be either "attached to pleasure or detached from pleasure" making 36 "passions"-- each of which may manifested in the past, present, or future. All the combinations of all these things make a total of 108, which are represented by the beads in the ojuzu.

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